Blas M. Benito


Range shift simulation with a stochastic hybrid-model

The video (a more advanced prototype) and the slideshow represents potential range-shift under climate change of a Quercus pyernaica population in Sierra Nevada (Spain). The simulation system is an Agent-Based Model which represents the whole biological cycle of the target species, including the flight patterns of the Eurasian Jay observed during field work. This simulation is part of my work as a postdoc researcher in the project MIGRAME.

El vídeo (un prototipo más avanzado) y la animación representan cambios en la distribución potencial de un a población de Quercus pyrenaica en Sierra Nevada (España) ante el cambio climático. La simulación es un Sistema Multi-Agente que representa el ciclo biológico completo de la especie objetivo, incluyendo el patrón de vuelo del arrendajo observado durante el trabajo de campo. Estos resultados pertenecen al proyecto MIGRAME.

Range shift simulation with SDMs (2D and 3D version)

Both slideshows represent potential altitudinal changes in habitat suitability due to climate change of four plant formations in Sierra Nevada (southern Spain). The models were calibrated and projected over future climate layers with MaxEnt. This work, which was part of my PhD thesis was published in the Climate Change journal (2011).
Ambas animaciones representan cambios en la idoneidad del hábitat debidos al cambio climático para cuatro formaciones vegetales en Sierra Nevada (España). Los modelos se hicieron con MaxEnt. Este trabajo, que forma parte de mi tesis, se publicó en la revista Climate Change (2011)

Videos on NDVI time series (VEGETATION sensor) of different forest formations in Sierra Nevada (Spain)

Future rainfall in Sierra Nevada (scenario B2, model ECHAM4)

Future climate maps

Mean annual temperature map of Sierra Nevada for the year 2100, according to the model ECHAM4 and climate change scenario A2.

This map belongs to a series of yearly future climate maps which I have developed for the Global Change Observatory of Sierra Nevada. Currently I am using such maps to calibrate hybrid models to simulate range shift under climate change of Quercus spp. forests.

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