Time Series Analysis

R package "distantia"

R package to compare multivariate time-series.

R package "memoria"

R package to assess ecological memory in multivariate time-series.

R package "spatialRF"

R package for spatial regression with Random Forest

R package "vitualPollen"

R package to simulate pollen production of mono-specific tree populations over millennia.

Evaluating fossil charcoal representation in small peat bogs: Detailed Holocene fire records from southern Sweden

In this study, we assess how representative a single charcoal record from a peat profile in small bogs (1.5–2 ha in area) is for the reconstruction of Holocene fire history.

distantia: an open‐source toolset to quantify dissimilarity between multivariate ecological time‐series

We introduce distantia (v1.0.1), an R package providing general toolset to quantify dissimilarity between ecological time‐series, independently of their regularity and number of samples. The functions in distantia provide the means to compute dissimilarity scores by time and by shape and assess their significance, evaluate the partial contribution of each variable to dissimilarity, and align or combine sequences by similarity.

Long-term fire resilience of the Ericaceous Belt, Bale Mountains, Ethiopia

We hypothesize that fire has influenced Erica communities in the Bale Mountains at millennial time-scales. To test this, we (1) identify the fire history of the Bale Mountains through a pollen and charcoal record from Garba Guracha, a lake at 3950 m.a.s.l., and (2) describe the long-term bidirectional feedback between wildfire and Erica, which may control the ecosystem's resilience.